Don't you need unique and lower cost music?
If so, Red House is will be the way of great satisfaction.
  • We can help you like this

    1. We can supply alredy comleted indi/under musician's or composer/arranger's music.

    2. If you have a specific concept in mind or you need some kind of special music style, we can make songs and BGM or any other sound as you want with indi/under musician or networks of composer/arranger.
    They have amazing ability for composing and arranging. And also we will make some of ideas for sounds and their music.

    3. We work to the best of our best ability for third parties by some other's produce image company or team
    We can make any kind of sound effect or music by using our indi/under musician and composer/arranger network.
    (Sound Effects is made by recording engineer of redhose)
    We find exactly what producer wants and do our best and using everything that we have networks and knowledge.

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  • The merit of Red House Recording Studio

    1. We can work 24hour, so if you are shor on time, we can help.

    2. We have no limit to music style, from classic to extream music, we can handle it all because we have indi/under musician and composer/arranger networks

    3. Our recording studio has 2 control rooms, 1 drum booth and 1 large loom for choir and small orchestra
    (It can admit 20 persons)

    4. Our music has chracter
    MAN IN CHARGE : GEE-YONG, HAN (chief recording engineer & manager)
    E-mail : ,
    Mobile : 82-10-3221-6602
    Studio : 82-2-3142-6166