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We can supply alredy comleted indi/under musician's or composer/arranger's music. <BR> <BR> 2. If you have a specific concept in mind or you need some kind of special music style, we can make songs and BGM or any other sound as you want with indi/under musician or networks of composer/arranger. <BR> They have amazing ability for composing and arranging. And also we will make some of ideas for sounds and their music. <BR> <BR> 3. We work to the best of our best ability for third parties by some other's produce image company or team <BR> We can make any kind of sound effect or music by using our indi/under musician and composer/arranger network. <BR> <FONT color=#990000> (Sound Effects is made by recording engineer of redhose) </FONT> <BR> We find exactly what producer wants and do our best and using everything that we have networks and knowledge. <BR> <BR> <FONT color=#990000> ; You can hear <B>'SOUND FOR IMAGE' </B> when you click this. </FONT> <BR> <CENTER> <IMG src="img_02/line_01.gif"> </CENTER> <FONT color=#990000> <B> <LI> The merit of Red House Recording Studio </B> </FONT> <BR> <BR> 1. We can work 24hour, so if you are shor on time, we can help. <BR> <BR> 2. We have no limit to music style, from classic to extream music, we can handle it all because we have indi/under musician and composer/arranger networks <BR> <BR> 3. Our recording studio has 2 control rooms, 1 drum booth and 1 large loom for choir and small orchestra <BR> (It can admit 20 persons) <BR> <BR> 4. Our music has chracter <BR> <CENTER> <IMG src="img_02/line_01.gif"> </CENTER> <FONT color=#990000> <CENTER> <B>MAN IN CHARGE : GEE-YONG, HAN (chief recording engineer & manager) </B> <BR> </FONT> <B>E-mail : </B> <A href="mailto:hgy7715@yahoo.co.kr" target="_blank">hgy7715@yahoo.co.kr </A>, <A href="mailto:hgy7715@hotmail.com" target="_blank">hgy7715@hotmail.com </A> <BR> Mobile : 82-10-3221-6602 <BR> Studio : 82-2-3142-6166 </TD> </TR> </TABLE> </CENTER> <!-------- ] --------> <P> </BODY> </HTML>