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Pre-production </B> <BR> - We have to decide concept of your recording works in this step, so we have to talk first detaily, now-a-days there are a lot's of music style. <BR> Actually I could say each band(or musician) has unique music style, Therefore I need reference CD and I have to know your music instrument and equipment. <BR> Please prepare reference music for pre-prouction <BR> <BR> <FONT color=#990000> ; What is reference Music <BR> We are limited in talking about music style and tone, so I need know exactly what you want <BR> Reference music is what sounds you want (Drums, Guitar, Vocal etc.....) <BR> Please prepare MP3(morethan 192kbps), wav, flag, aiff file or CD. <BR> Plus, it contained lot's information of sound engineering side which you don't know such as <BR>space infomation, reverb , location of each instruments, depth and etc.... </FONT> <BR> <BR> <B>2. Tracking </B> <BR> - This step is real recording. This step inculdes tone making and it's very important, almost always decides sound quality. <BR> But your work is just playing well. <BR> <BR> <B>3. Rough Mixing </B> <BR> - This step is my special step. <BR> I will do basic processing of sound sources. Actually basic processing is almost same in every music style with following your reference music <BR> (compressing, basic EQing, etc..) - <BR> This is the best way to save time <BR> You don't need to come out to studio. just take a rest or travel <BR> It will be take a week per one album usually <BR> <BR> <B>4. Mixing and Mastering </B> <BR> - When I finish rough mixing, I will give you the mixed CD or send mixed files by email. <BR> Then you can listen carefully from your potable player or any other audio system and next, <BR> you can come to my studio to do mixing and mastering with us. <BR> I don't like to separate mixing and matsering ,Because there is a no way to fix a fault from tracking step in mixing and tracking step, plus client can listen matered audio then you can easily make a decision <BR> This step includes changing digital formats and CD burning. </TD> </TR> </TABLE> </CENTER> <!-------- PROCESSING STEPS OF RECORDIN ] --------> <!-------- REDHOUSE RECORDING STUDIO Fee ‘ --------> <CENTER> <IMG src="img_02/line_01.gif"> </CENTER> <CENTER> <BR> <TABLE cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="750"> <TR> <TD> <FONT size=2 color=#990000> <B> <LI> REDHOUSE RECORDING STUDIO Fee </B> </FONT> <BR> <BR> <TABLE border cellspacing="4" bordercolor="#333333"> <TR align="center"> <TD height="30" width=200 bgcolor="#dedede"> <B>Studio Fee </B> </TD> <TD width=270>100$ per 1 H/Drums & Piano starts from 3 H </TD> <TR> <TR align="center"> <TD height="30" width=200 bgcolor="#dedede"> <B>Engineer Fee </B> </TD> <TD width=270>Included Studio Fee </TD> <TR> <TR align="center"> <TD height="30" width=200 bgcolor="#dedede"> <B>Rough Mixing Fee </B> </TD> <TD width=270>200$ per 1 song </TD> <TR> <TR align="center"> <TD height="30" width=200 bgcolor="#dedede"> <B>Mixing and Mastering Fee </B> </TD> <TD width=270>100$ per 1 hour </TD> <TR> <TR align="center"> <TD height="30" width=200 bgcolor="#dedede"> <B>Night work Fee </B> </TD> <TD width=270>add up 10$ per 1 hour </TD> <TR> <TR align="center"> <TD height="30" width=200 bgcolor="#dedede"> <B>Studio Packge </B> </TD> <TD width=270>900$ for 10H, 1600$ for 20H, <BR>2100$ per 30 H </TD> <TR> <TR align="center"> <TD height="30" width=200 bgcolor="#dedede"> <B>Unlimited Time Packge </B> </TD> <TD width=270>Contact us <BR>(Deal with us per a project) </TD> <TR> <TR align="center"> <TD height="30" width=200 bgcolor="#dedede"> <B>Airport pickup </B> </TD> <TD width=270>$ 150 per 1 way (up to 3 persons) <BR> - if you have more than 3 persons, please contact us </TD> <TR> <TABLE boder="5" width=500 bordercolor="#333333"> <TR align="center"> <TD> <FONT color=#990000> Night is PM 10:00 ~ Next Day AM : 10:00 <BR> Hotel fee will take $ 70~$150 per 1day twin room usually <BR> Or you can book hostels in <a href="http://hostelworld.com" target="_blank">WWW.HOSTELWORLD.COM</a> <BR> ; Please let me know how many people come and the number of your equipment and instrument. </FONT> </TD> <TR> </TABLE> <TD width="242" colspan="2" valign="middle"> <IMG src="img_02/rh_image_002.jpg"> </TR> </TD> </TABLE> </CENTER> <!-------- REDHOUSE RECORDING STUDIO Fee ] --------> <BR> </BODY> </HTML>